We just never know when something we say or something we do touches someone else's life and works a miracle.

Moms, Dads and Breastfeeders are in absolute praise.
Continue reading to see what they have to say!

From Dads

I hope I spelled your name right.  You said:  ‘Janis like Joplin.’  Right?
Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate you.  You have truly opened my eyes in this experience.  You’ve completely changed my attitude and perspective on childbirth.  When I came to your class, I came with the wrong attitude.  I thought it was a waste of my time, and that [my wife] would just have to ‘take the drugs’.  That was just the way I saw childbirth, an agonizing, painful experience that my poor wife would never be abler to handle.

I even had to apologize to my sister for the things that I said while she was in labor.  She explained her contractions as painless tightening and I was the guy that was saying she must be crazy, ‘just take the epidural.’

I’m so sorry; I had no idea.  Now I realize that my wife is going to be able to handle this wonderfully natural experience.  I have learned so much from you not only about birth but just looking at things from a different perspective.  Janis, you really need to finish your books and get in touch with Oprah because you are truly a difference-maker in this world and so many more people need what you have to offer.  I am so thankful for you.  My wife and I love your class and we’ll never forget you.

Love and Aloha

Kino O.

Kailua, Hawaii, In a Thank-You Card

I was cussing using the EFF-word all the way to our first class with you.  AND I told my wife that even if she begged for drugs, I would make sure she did not get them as payback for me having to come to what I thought was nothing but a worthless and stupid class.  You had me eating out of your hand after 5 minutes of the first lesson.

Janis:  I have asked T.A. not to say it only took 5 minutes to win him over, as in 5 minutes into the class I don’t even get through “housekeeping” instructions and where the bathrooms are by then.


Oahu, Hawaii, 2012

We just hate Saturdays.
Janis: “Why?”
Because when this class is over today we have to wait an entire week before we can come back!

Saturday Lamaze Dad

Santa Ana College Continuing Education Lamaze Students, 1979

From Moms

I called you when during my labor that was going perfectly just as you taught us. The nurse had just come in at 3:00 pm to tell me the doctor was coming over at 3:30 to break my water bag.  I told you that I didn’t want my water-bag broken because I know (because you taught me) if he breaks my water-bag, the labor will speed up and become suddenly more intense.  I asked you: ‘Can I tell the nurse to tell him No’?
   You asked if my blood pressure was normal, whether or not I had a fever, and if the baby’s heartbeat was ok.   Since all of those things were normal, you said I could say,
‘No’.  I even asked you why you thought the doctor wanted to speed up my labor.  You asked me why I thought he wanted to speed it up.  I said I thought it was so he could deliver me by 5:30 or 6, and be home in time for dinner.  You agreed.
   Listen to this:  When I called the nurse back to my room I said that I didn’t want my water-bag broken, she said:  ‘Ok, I’ll tell him.’  Guess what!?  My water-bag broke when I was pushing at 7 pm.  The doctor came back after dinner, and I had the baby at 7:45.  Thank goodness I called you!



I was planning on going to the hospital and having people tell me what to do. Now I have the world’s biggest birth plan!

Student who signed up for a watered-down version of childbirth ed course at her hospital. I was her educator who tweaked that course with the truth about childbirth.

I told the doctor that I would not birth on my back with my legs in stirrups. He said:  ‘What do you think I am, an auto mechanic?  You want me to bend down under your chassis to deliver your baby!!??’  You gave us the knowledge and courage to fight for what we wanted.  He said he would not do that for us.  It wasn’t easy, but we changed doctors even close to our due date.

C & GS


From Breastfeeders

I tell everyone that all I did was do exactly what Janis Bush told me to do to breastfeed, and I didn’t need any more information.

R.R. – former Lamaze student after the call to Janis for nursing help after bringing home a nipple confused baby who had spent a week in the hospital getting fed from bottles given to him because he was jaundiced.


All the pressure on me completely disappeared after I watched the movie*, and let her (my baby) do what she knew how to do.

A.F. – a mother who saw film* after seven weeks premature baby brought home who after being hospitalized for 30 days who had been given breast milk and formula by feeding tubes and bottles.


After you brought the film* over and helped me put my baby on my chest.….it was magic!

A.W. – former Lamaze student who had taken a classic American-style breastfeeding course, not mine, which had taught her the “tickle-tickle-shove” method. (Baby had been born four weeks early, fed bottles for jaundice but not hospitalized longer than mothers’ stay.)


Janis, Please, will you go to see my daughter-in-law who has month old identical twin girls whom she is having a terrible time breastfeeding?  What you are sharing with me she should do, is the exact opposite of what the doctors and breastfeeding ‘experts are telling her’… I know what you are saying is the right way to do this.  But if she hears it from you, she will believe it over her earth-mother-in-law.

Janis: “OK.”
(Janis goes and fixes all problems with the Infant Instinct Method® in less than 5 minutes with twins and mom.)

Judy W. (Month Old Twins' Mom)

Kailua, Hawaii, Thanksgiving Day Football Party, 2010

After you left, we never had one more problem!

Twins now five months old thriving and nursing perfectly!

Judy W. (Same Twin Mom)

Kailua, Hawaii, Super Bowl Party, 2011

Look at them now. Healthy 9-year-olds. Thanks!

Judy W. (Same Twin Mom)

Kailua, Hawaii, February 2019

Why did they send me home with guidelines that fail? You fixed this in a couple of minutes by doing the opposite from their instructions.

New Mom W.

*The film mentioned is “Baby-Led Breastfeeding,”, by Christina Smillie, MD.