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Letter to a Friend Back in Hawaii: Why I No Longer Work for Hospitals

The doctors started complaining that patients were asking to not birth on their backs, etc. My boss would take those evidence-based slides out of my presentation, keeping the doctors happy and the patients misinformed. Finally, when she forbid me to use the phrase ‘infant instincts’, I just had to quit this job!

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The Art of Informed Consent and Informed Refusal

You probably have heard of the phenomenon of Informed Consent. There also exists alongside it, Informed Refusal. What those two consents share in common is information -- not hearsay, rumor, Internet-hysteria, or popularity. It is not likely that your care-provider...

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What you DO NOT Need for Breastfeeding

A quick stroll through the aisles of the baby department in stores today amazes me. Just the other day saw “special” soap to get milk stains out of baby bottles. It is not like it is spaghetti sauce, and when we talk about breast milk, it rinses off and out of everything. Formula will stain the couch, the carpet and the cat… but a special soap?

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