Aloha Latch Center

“Everyone of my friends says that breastfeeding will be a miserable experience for at least six weeks. Does that happen for everyone who tries to breastfeed?”, “Breastfeeding didn’t work out last time. Is there hope for me now?”, “Isn’t it just normal to hurt? No one has been able to help us!”, “Janis, what makes you think the Aloha Latch Center can help???”



Answers to these questions, and much more!



I learned how to breastfeed in 1976, reading breastfeeding books that had come out of the 1960’s. The art of breastfeeding had been lost in the 1950’s when it was culturally modern to formula feed–doctors and formula companies claimed falsely that formula was “Better Than Mom’s Milk”.

My breastfeeding experience was painful, frustrating but I persevered and burned through all that and breastfed my son for 7 months. I had two more babies whom I nursed till they quit in their second years… and initiating breastfeeding was easier the second and third time, but not flawless.

And then all of what I thought I knew about breastfeeding changed in 2008 when I was at a multi-cultural childbirth workshop in the jungles of Hawaii.  I saw a film that was a first issue and was being seen for the first time.  It was called “Baby-Led Breastfeeding” produced by Christina Smillie, a pediatrician from Connecticut. Turns out there has been a missing link that started with my mother’s generation (she was born in 1923) in the 50’s.  It was no one’s fault, but having seen this film, there was no turning back for my future teaching.

Off On My Own

So, in 2008, though I have had 2 bosses in hospitals poo-poo my “new-fangled” ideas… not willing to change or even consider what I now do, I was undaunted. My work in Oahu with Latch is legendary. Luckily, I trained other birth workers to become Breast Whisperers too.

For 6 years on Oahu and another 5 in California, I taught hundreds of couples and visited many a bedside to help moms and babies do what the babies already know how to do. 

Opening The Latch Center

I left Oahu in 2014. I have now set up shop in La Habra, CA in the Aloha Latch Center as The Latch Lady.

Given the vast distances California offers, unlike the confines of a Hawaiian Island, I have opened a walk-in latch center since LATCH is the plague of American Breastfeeding. Fix that and mostly every other concern goes away! Do not get a so-called lip or tongue-tie lasered before you see me!

Don’t let a breastfeeding issue become a breastfeeding problem!

No matter how many classes you took, how many nurses “helped” you at the bedside, and how many lactation professionals you have seen since you came home from the hospital… I am famous for 3-second to 3-minute to 30-minute fixes.

A visit to the center costs $60 — about what you would pay in the first three weeks if you give up and buy formula, bottles, nipples, etc. I do make house-calls, but I cannot promise a same day appointment.

$60 Walk-In

$100 House Calls

Open most days, with same-day appointments available. I’m also available before and after-hours.

I accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal.