Hi, I'm Janis

Birth work is my destiny.

Peace on Earth, one gentle birth and breastfed baby at a time.

I want to empower you and your partner to birth with dignity in the ways you have come to embrace as your birth culture, whatever those parameters may be.

My Journey

When I read Marjorie Karmel’s book “Thank you, Dr. Lamaze”, in 1975, pregnant with my first child, I was “hooked” on the method. I traveled far (25 miles), paid money ($35) even through my closer hospital class was free and only 2 nights! We took an authentic 6-week Lamaze course and birthed my son Matt joyfully and orgasmically on Cinco De Mayo/May 5, 1976.

We went on to have two more Lamaze babies: Katie on Valentines’ Day 1979 and Spencer, our Leap Day Baby, 2-29-1984. Since I was already teaching adult education for a local college when I had Matt, I knew I had to become certified to teach this class through my college. I did just that and in June of 1977, I established my business in Orange County, CA (1977-1988).

Since then I have taught in Hawaii (1988-2014), I am forever on-call for my daughter’s doula clients in Arizona and now have been teaching back in Orange County (La Habra/North Orange County) since 2014. If you want quality childbirth education and not generic hospital-styled glorified anatomy and physiology… give me a call. I tell no one how to birth. I do cover all the options from home birth to emergency Cesarean.

My class will change you forever!

Authentic Lamaze Classes

I have been a certified (Authentic) Lamaze Instructor teaching over 10,000 expectant and new parent couples since 1977. I teach the actual psychoprophylactic method of Fernand Lamaze brought to America in the mid 50’s by Marjorie Karmel.

Infant Instinct Breastfeeding

I created a gentle, flawless breastfeeding method based on the baby’s innate ability to crawl to the breast, find the nipple and self-attach to it perfectly called Infant Instinct Breastfeeding .