While pregnancy, labor, birth, and breastfeeding are the same since Eve, the world’s reaction to childbearing has suffered great perversions. Men (not women) became scribes and wrote down the storytellings of life. Not having vaginas, estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin men speculated what childbearing was like and wrote it down through the eyes of testosterone. “Therein, lies the rub.”1

Fast forward from the days that women, and only women, knew the magic and the secrets of birth2 to a time men believed they could make childbearing better (not necessarily easier) for us. We now live in a day that to drink the modern Kool-Aid of birth is to surrender all inner wisdom and our bodies to a system that crucifies women, men, and babies in the name of the almighty dollar. This works against all that Mother Nature created and to bows to the God of Convenience rather than the Majesty of the Feminine.

If I am risking losing any millennials because the birth truths here fly in the face of the what you have learned on the Internet or from friends who have suffered giving birth, I ask you to hover here just a while. Yoda says that (sometimes) you must unlearn what you have learned. I’d love it if you would do a little or a lot of that here.

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Two choices:


Deny the wisdom of the elders. Believe the chatter in the chatrooms. Recoil in horror of your peers’ unbearable bearing of children stories. Drink the Kool-Aid® touting that a woman cannot have a baby slide from her body without medical intervention. Refuse to consider that birth can be and is pleasurable for women. Suffer Away! Just go into the hospital. Have them tell you what to do. Do it. Always jump as high as they demand.


Or, open your heart and mind a crack to find out what normal (not natural) birth can offer you. Here are some of the ABSOLUTES of pregnancy, labor, pushing, birth, and breastfeeding:

  • All Women are born with Inner WISDOM telling them exactly how to give birth.
  • Labor starts as painless tightening.
  • Pushing feels good for most women.
  • Babies are all born knowing how to breastfeed if we just get out of baby’s way.
  • The truth about labor is not that it can be painful, but that WOMEN are STRONG.

Just as PUBERTY IS NORMAL, conception, pregnancy, labor, pushing, and birth are NORMAL physiological events driven by SEX HORMONES.

One day ➦ Not in puberty/Not pregnant/Not in Labor/Not feeling like pushing/No baby out/No baby instinctively breastfeeding.

The next day ➦ In puberty/Pregnant/In labor/Feeling like pushing/Baby out/Baby breastfeeding instinctively.

Birth with unnecessary interventions is like putting ketchup on a Filet Mignon. Birth can be perfect without interventions.

Why bother?

Because drugs hurt/affect normal healthy Babies, Mothers, The Mother/Baby Couplet, Dads, and Newborn Parenting Processes

It’s up to you.


  1. Therein lies the rub – exact quote – “there’s the rub”  = that’s where the problem/obstacle is.” Shakespeare, Hamlet,
    Act 3/Scene 1
  2. Did you know the first of the Salem “witches” were midwives doing things in the night men did not understand?