Babies are born knowing how to latch and breastfeed perfectly;
so, we should stay out of their way.

I learned and taught the American Method/Model of Breast- feeding from 1976 through 2007. After-all, the La Leche League’s Womanly Art of Breastfeeding said to do it that way.

Disastrously I used:

  1. “The Tickle-Tickle-Shove” Process,
  2. “Nose-to-Nipple” Alignment,
  3. Awkward Breastfeeding Holds/Positions,
  4. Pillows that got in Baby’s way instinctive Breast-crawling,2
  5. C-Curve Breast Hold.


But in 2008, in the jungles of Hawaii at a multi-cultural childbirth/breast-feeding workshop, I found the MISSING LINK that has made breastfeeding so frightening, painful, injurious and frustrating for American mothers and babies.

America breastfeeding suffered the loss of the womanly art during the 1950’s when it was “modern” to bottlefeed. Pediatricians and the media touted formula as “Better than Mother’s Milk.” In the 60’s, women returned to breastfeeding, but nursing difficulties became the norm. Enter a whole new vocation: The Lactation Expert3. Fear and failure drove the hormone adrenaline for American breastfeeders rather than peaceful oxytocin which is needed for milk let-down.

Baby-related companies saw openings for the creation of new-fangled products like special pillows4, breastfeeding footstools, lotions, creams and ointments, all the way up to today’s phone-apps to assure mom she’s feeding on time and long enough. Those contraptions all but buried the fact that they are all unnecessary for successful breastfeeding. Parents bought the hype AND the products. Breastfeeding got worse while manufacturers smiled all the way to the bank.

Today, unnecessary lip and tongue lasering have become so popular that parents, pediatricians and pediatric dentists don’t think twice performing this barbaric procedure.

My method, Infant Instinct Breastfeeding™, uses no special positions, pillows, ointments, stools, or apps. It is really not a new method at all. It was “invented” by your baby. As a lactation expert using my method of IIBF4.

I honor the baby’s instincts and teach mothers and others how to stay out of the baby’s way. Exploring what this method has to offer (IIBF monthly workshops) and/or seeking help at the Aloha Latch Center (La Habra) for walk-ins/house calls has much to offer, everything to gain, and nothing to lose.


Things you will NOT NEED TO BUY when using Infant Instinct Breastfeeding™:

  • Information on “Proper/common” breastfeeding “holds”/positions;
  • Feeding-reminder phone-apps;
  • Nipple cream/ointments;
  • “Special” breastfeeding pillows;
  • Breastfeeding timing charm-bracelets;
  • Breast pads, nursing foot stools, nursing-cookies, beer;
  • Attention-getting cover-ups, Canadian pharmaceuticals, etc.

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If babies are born knowing how to latch/breastfeed perfectly, why does everyone say it is so difficult?


  1. IIBF = Infant Instinct Breastfeeding™
  2. Baby’s instinctively go through 9 stages of attachment/movement before actually putting their mouths on the nipple to feed.
  3. LBFSS, CLC, IBCLC, etc.
  4. The Boppy-type pillows, are possibly the worst inventions sabotaging initiation of and continuation of breastfeeding