Here’s a conversation that Janis had with a pregnant lady in Kailua, Hawaii.
Letter to Janis from her son Matt after Janis dragged CPR dolls from Hawaii to Virginia to teach them Infant CPR

April 14, 2008

Subject: Thank You for our CPR Training!


I want you to know first and foremost that all of us are fine, but we did have a REAL choking* incident earlier this evening. Jen was feeding Lily** her evening meal and I was gathering clothes for washing in the bedroom*** when I heard Jen call my name with alarm in her voice.

I couldn’t help but think “what could she be doing in her highchair that I haven’t seen before?” You know, like: She can’t be walking, she’s eating……

Jen already had her out of the highchair as I came into the room, and she sat down in the chair and started doing the back-slapping thing. Nothing was coming out, so I took over. I put her at an angle hoping gravity would help us and started whacking.

I really don’t want to elaborate because it’s hard to even think about let alone try to write about it, but after doing at least 5 whacks [JBB: CORRECT CPR FOR A BABY] I turned her to see if I could see anything in her mouth, [JBB: INCORRECT BABY CPR/NEVER SWEEP THE MOUTH] and she wasn’t letting me open her mouth very easily. I put her back in position and started whacking away again and after a few more she started to cough a bit and begin to cry a bit.

Nothing flew out in dramatic fashion, she may have ended up swallowing the pancake bite, or something but after some moments of her crying and us consoling her she was fine and proceeded to nurse with Jen.

We have reviewed the book and we hope we will never have to do this again.

Thank you for teaching us initially; I’ve been meaning to review this stuff for months. We will never be rusty again.

It is strange to think I may have saved my daughter’s life tonight and without your teaching we might not have been clueless because we would have taken a class at the hospital. But the facts are that you did teach us what we needed to know to help a choking victim and that is what kept us from having to call 9-1-1.

We love you. Jen and I are again a little traumatized, but we are Ok. We love and need each other and we are gonna be alright.

Lily, of course, is fine. She was in fine playful spirits the rest of the evening.


* On a pancake bite
**Age 11 months, 1 week.
***Wow, somebody raised him right!