Things You Do NOT Need for Breastfeeding When Using Infant Instinct Breastfeeding®

A quick stroll through the aisles of the baby department in stores today amazes me. Just the other day saw “special” soap to get milk stains out of baby bottles. It is not like it is spaghetti sauce—and when we talk about breast milk, it rinses off and out of everything. Formula will stain the couch, the carpet and the cat…..but a special soap?

So, after 42 years in the breastfeeding business and 36 months of breastfeeding personally, I want you to know you DO NOT NEED the following things:

1: Special/Bomppee Pillow

Take it back to the store! Actually , it is one of the first things that leads to sore and bleeding nipples because it keeps the baby from being able to bob and slide, step/crawl, and throw herself to the nipple on her own during the first 3 weeks of nursing, After that, without a Bomppee Pillow, she can find your nipple through a brick wall and up over a dyke. Use a regular pillow later when she is bigger, weighs more and begins to nurse and lounge across your body. It is such a bad product that it should be banned.

2. Lotions And Lanoline

Use none of them. Don’t take them home from the hospital. Don’t buy them. Learn to use Infant Instinct Breastfeeding® where the baby self-attaches without fancy positions and hands (yours or others) on your baby and you breast. Use your own colostrum squeezed out and put on your nipples after each feeding for 3 weeks. You can be allergic to these products. They can have secret ingredients better for cows and sheep than human babies. Totally unnecessary!

3. Step Stool

For the first 3 weeks you should lie in positions that allow gravity to hold your baby against your body. Sitting up straight with feet “nicely positioned” on a special breastfeeding step stool is ridiculous and a major cause of soreness, frustration for mom and bay during the first month of breastfeeding.

4. Timer

Baby will stop eating when she is full! Stop with all the TIMING!

5. Phone App To Remind You When To Nurse

Your breasts tell you that! Stop it! Breastfeeding is not Rocket Science. Just breastfeed and PUT YOUR PHONES DOWN!

6. Wrap-around Bracelet w/Charm to Move and Mark Feeding Times


7. Nursing Cover-up

Nurse Naked from the waist up for the first 2 weeks with privacy your Birth Partner commands for you. Baby should wear only a diaper and NO mittens. LEARN gradually how to nurse using only the nursing bra. Then don a free-flowing top. LEARN how to tuck the baby up under the top at about 3 weeks. You and the baby will be a nursing UNIT by then. Cover-ups ARE CONSPICUOUS and tell anyone within 50 yards of you that underneath the COVER-UP you are nursing your baby. Don’t make your first jaunt out to try it out in public be front row of church!

8. Any Book Or Nurse Or Other Breastfeeding Professional That Shows/demands Positions

Holds and Positions are awkward, painful, and frustrating for the mother and baby. Lie back in your bed, place baby over your heart from birth to 3 weeks and watch the miracle unfold!

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