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Replace your intensified FEARS of childbirth and breastfeeding with FAITH during this “different” time on earth.

Starting with the 2021 classes, the fee for Sunday private couples’
classes will be $300.00 for those who still have financial resources 1,
My private Sunday course has six three-hour Lamaze classes and
a 4-hour Infant Instinct Breastfeeding Workshop.

If you need a scholarship due to Covid hardships you may enroll in my
Tuesday or Thursday classes which are FREE and offered through
UCI Medical Center. The UCI course is five three-hour Lamaze
Everyone will receive materials by email each week to print with skills,
techniques and basic hand-outs. Appropriate fees and donations by
the first session of class can be made through my Venmo Account: alohalamaze.

You, your Guardian of Courage (birth partner) and your baby will love the care I give you. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Aloha pumehana,

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I will attach class materials to emails I send you. If you do not have access to a printer, I will mail them to you. Courses will be in “Join-a-meeting” format right now on ZOOM. My ID is 921-233-4731. You must contact me so I can send you an email invitation. Unless we have trouble with intruders, you need no password.

Childbirth education is best learned from the female elders of the tribe, IF the female elders are self-actualized, Earth Mother, Girl Scout, Vintage Hippie-types. Next would be from a highly skilled motivated, well-educated in this field and experienced fully certified childbirth educator. I AM an elder of the tribe, and all those other things rolled into one. Books I recommend that teach you that your body works, so let it include: Thank You, Dr. Lamaze, Marjorie Karmel, and The Joy of Natural Childbirth, Helen Wessel. Order them on Amazon—read and rejoice! Please throw away What to Expect When You are Expecting, and never go to the web site “The Bump” ever again. Just sayin’!

YouTube, Hollywood dramatizations, hysterical-reality childbearing shows on TV, and you friends’ and relatives’ birth horror stories need to be a thing of your past.

Fear is a great creator and intensifier of pain, and you may be pumping its resultant hormone adrenaline more than usual right now. If for no other reason than your baby’s well-being, because she senses and reacts to YOUR feelings, I offer you a way to stop it right now!

I am truly an Elder of the Tribe of the Universe of Empowered and Resilient Earth Mothers with the intention of bringing Peace on Earth, One Gently Birthed and Breastfed Baby at a Time. If you want to start feeling better about the soon coming of your baby, contact me. Read my blogs on this web site. Order those 2 books on Amazon and when you are finished call me and I will tell you a handful of others you should read by Suzanne Arms, Debra Pascelli-Bonera, Sarah Buckley, Elizabeth Davis, Ina Mae Gaskin, Barbara Harper, Peggy Vincent… and others, not necessarily in that order – I just listed them alphabetically. They have all written and produced myriad gems that we in the Parallel Universe of The Normal Birth World live by!

My educational philosophy remains: “If we are not having fun in class, we should be at the beach”. But since all the beaches except in Florida and Texas remain closed right now, this may be the best show in town. Expectant couples can contact me through this website or email me at alohalamaze@aol.com. I am available 24/7 to speak to my worldwide birthing community: +1 808-263-BABY/2229. I neither send nor receive text messages.

Let’s get after it!

Janis Bell-Ryan Bush

Welcome to Aloha Lamaze & Breastfeeding

Peace on Earth, one gently birthed and breastfed baby at a time. Janis Bell Ryan Bush is a Lamaze certified childbirth and breastfeeding educator. Janis provides classes and services in and around Orange County, California. Mahalo!

Lamaze Childbirth Classes

I have been a certified (Authentic) Lamaze Instructor teaching over 10,000 expectant and new parent couples since 1977. I teach the actual psychoprophylactic method of Ferdinand Lamaze brought to America in the mid 50’s by Marjorie Karmel.

Infant Instinct Breastfeeding

I created a gentle, flawless breastfeeding method based on the baby’s innate ability to crawl to the breast, find the nipple and self-attach to it perfectly called Infant Instinct Breastfeeding .

Aloha Latch Center

I have opened a walk-in latch center since “latch” is the plague of American Breastfeeding. Fix that and mostly every other concern goes away! Do not get a so-called lip or tongue-tie lasered before you see me!

From Janis’ Desk

Letter to a Friend Back in Hawaii: Why I No Longer Work for Hospitals

Letter to a Friend Back in Hawaii: Why I No Longer Work for Hospitals

The doctors started complaining that patients were asking to not birth on their backs, etc. My boss would take those evidence-based slides out of my presentation, keeping the doctors happy and the patients misinformed. Finally, when she forbid me to use the phrase ‘infant instincts’, I just had to quit this job!

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Janis’ mission is to spread the truth that pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding are normal, natural physiological processes. She supports the expectant and parenting community by offering information to help and empower expectant and new parents with knowledge and confidence.

She envisions a world which does not fear pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding. A world in which the rights of expectant, laboring, birthing, and breastfeeding people are respected. A world where pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding are regarded as sacred, normal events which can offer surmountable challenges and triumphant rewards never before expected or experienced by those involved. A world of birth providers who trust birth and approach it gently. Finally, she envisions labors of healthy women occurring spontaneously to preserve the integrity of the birth process.